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DividedBy13 PedalDIVIDED BY 13 SWITCHAZEL - € 279,00 NEW

The Switchazel is an A/B or A+B switching box with buffered Low Imp Output, a 9db clean, linear, adjustable boost, and tuner out.
Whether you need a number or two more clean headroom, or to go from 4 to 8 on the volume knob, or 6 to over-the-top compressed, sustaining overdrive, all is available with the adjustable 9db clean, linear "Lift" feature.

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FTR37 Head

DividedBy13 Head1DIVIDED BY 13 FTR37 Head - € 2.690,00 NEW

Capturing and exceeding some of the best tones offered by our favorite amp from Fullerton and our favorite amp from England, the FTR 37 from 1 to 10 can produce the most pure and bodied clean tones, to varying degrees of medium and over-the-top types of complex and full-bodied overdrive.

Coupled with the exterior switching/boost device, the Switchazel, the flexibility available in both channels, either separate or blended, offer an infinite array of guitar tones rarely thought possible for the music maker of today.

Power: 37 Watts, Class AB1/A
Power Section: 4 x 6V6 GT
Preamp Section: 12AX7, 5879
Channel: 2 Discreet Channels, CH 1: V, T, B, R, CH 2: V, Click
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 11,25 x27,25x8cm
Weight:  19,5 kg

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Cabinet 2x12 G12 HI

DividedBy13 CabinetDIVIDED BY 13 Cabinet 2x12 G12 HI - € 990,00 NEW

Our 2x12 Fixed baffle cabinet fashioned after our favorite 2x12 played by the "Fab Four".
It is square--not tappered from to top to bottom--so it can be used as the bottom cabinet for an original 2x12.

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 21,25x27,75x10,5cm
Weight: 21,77 kg

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