400D Hybrid Bass Amp

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HEVOS 400D Hybrid Bass Amp - € 1.190,00 NEW SPECIAL OFFER

400D is a very slim (1.75'') MOSFET class-D amplifier with a tube preamp, that can fit within one rack unit. Components are of the highest quality, including double-sided PCBs, MKP capacitors, top-drawer resistors, Neutrik connectors, and dustproof pots.

As a professional piece of equipment, the power amp 400D is protected against short circuit, clipping at the output, and DC. If clipping or DC at the output occurs, the amplifier turns off automatically. And there is absolutely no pop or thump when turning the unit on or off.

400D has a very low total harmonic distortion of 2000. This is an extremely stable amplifier.

Type: Mosfet class-D, high-end
Power: 400 Watts/4 Ohms
Damping: >2000/1 kHz/4 Ohms
Inputs: active/passive
Tone control: 5 band active
Protection: short circuit, open output, DC-protection output, temperature protection, mismatch, clip, delayed switch on
Divers: mute-out, headphone output, -6 dB switch, phase turn switch, symmetrical line-out with pre-post switch
Output: 2x Speakon
Weight: 8,5 kg
Height: 1 hu
Dimensions (HxWxD): 7x51x44 cm
incl. flightcase

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