Psychonote BW10

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MENSINGER Psychonote BW10 - € 1.600,00 NEW

The Mensinger Psychonote BW10 offers pure and simple, classic 60s British circuits. The Mensinger Psychonote BW10 works exceptionally well with pedals high end tube technology combined with lightweight and boutique mojo will take you to guitar heaven. The Psychonote has an extended range volume control which offers a well balanced tone from crystal clean to dirty distortion. It offers two individual channels that can be selected via an ABY Switch. Additionally it is equipped with a tube driven reverb.

The front plate has controls for: Volume 1, Volume 2, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Dwell, Reverb.
The backside offers an external speaker & attenuator socket.

Output: 20Watt
Loudspeaker: Celestion Vintage G10 (8 Ohm)
Tubes: - 2x 6L6 WXT+ (output stage) Sovtec
           - 12AX7 selected & balanced (phase inverter) TAD
           - 7025 Highgrade premium selected (preamp)
           - 12AX7 (preamp) mullard reuses
           - 12AT7 (reverb driver) TungSol
           - 12AX7 (reverb recovery) JJ
           - GZ34 (rectifier) JJ
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 480x397x235mm
Weight: 17kg

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