Badger 30 'Vintage cream'

Badger 30 'Vintage cream'
SUHR Badger 30 'Vintage cream' - € 2.110,00 NEW

This 30-watt, all-tube amplifier offers a wide range of classic guitar sounds. Driven by a cathode biased EL-34 power section and features a solid state rectifier, the Badger 30 delivers a variety of full, punchy cleans and rich, tight dynamic overdrive tones.

Output: 30 Watts
Tubes: 2XEL34, 3x12AX7
Combo speakers: 1x12" WGS Veteran 30
Panel controls: On/Off, On/Standby, Power, Drive, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain
Outputs: Dual speaker outs, switch for 4ohm, 8ohm & 16ohm impedance
Cabinet: Void free Baltic birch ply
(HxWxD) 520x234x209mm
Weight: 14kg

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