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Taurus TL-300H is a 300W amplifier/RMS with dual input stage comprising a transistor preamp and tube simulation. Both tracks can be mixed together in a smooth manner. The preamps can get a whole range of sounds corresponding to different musical styles, from crisp and clean to slightly overdriven tube.

The amplifier has a very effective and easy-to-use color tone of "MLO system", which allows you to quickly find the right sound. Specially designed tone control has been chosen so that in his entire adjustment range corresponds to the parameters of the instrument in a musical and not purely technical.
Shaping sound systems are designed to amp indulged in a true sound of the instrument and at the same time allowed to get very low and selective bass. Unique high quality optical limiter rapid action is not introducing additional distortion and noise.

Power output: 300W / 4OhmRMS, 200W / 8Ohm RMS
Inputs: active and passive
Outputs: XLR (balanced) with PRE / POST switch and circuit breaker weight
Adjustments: Gain, Input mix, Compressor/Limiter, Volume
Main features: Two preamps - transistor and simulating lamps with the possibility of mixing both channels
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 88x483x290mm
Weight: 5.5kg

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