Puma 1000

Puma1000TECAMP Puma 1000 - € 1.490,00 NEW

The new TecAmp Puma 1000 is extremely small in size but very big in sound. Being a real TecAmp throughout only the finest materials and components were chosen in order to evenly reproduce the whole frequency range and deliver a solid bass sound.

Exclusive features and our new ultra-flat premium input stage set new standards in this amplifier class. The very effective tone controls suit all musical styles. The amps of the Puma series boast a four-band tone control section which lets you easily dial any sound you want. The TASTE control emphasizes the tonal characteristics of the individual instrument. Set to the centre, the control has no effect on the signal. Turn it counter-clockwise to filter out some ultra-low frequencies and at the same time enhance a pronounced mid range. This is the ultimate fretless tone. Turn it clockwise to soften the high end which leads to a pumping bass sound.

Additional features like an effects loop, Tuner Out, Line Out, Line In, and three Speakon outputs and a DI out with Pre/Post switch prove that the PUMA amps are extremely versatile machines. PUMA amps are ideal for travelling around the world due to their voltage switch which allows them to be operated at 230 and 115 volts.

The Puma 1000 additionally features our newly developed compressor which allows for subtle dynamic alterations without any level changes. You can also choose between a long and a short attack time which gives you even more breathtaking sound variations. The controls EFFECTS MIX and LINE IN are located on the front panel and thus easily accessible. There is a footswitch jack for the MUTE function. The equalizer section is further expanded by switchable bass and treble boosts.

The result is an impressive live performance with an unbeatable power-to-weight ratio. With its two individually controllable digital power amps delivering 500 watts each (1000 watts in bridge mode) the PUMA 1000 will rumble any stage in the world.

The TecAmp Puma series combines enormous power and elegant lightness to create a completely new generation of bass amplifiers.

  • Preamp: solid state preamp with gain, taste, lo, lomid, himid, hi, master controls, switchable mute, DI pre/post, XLR balanced DI out, serial effects loop, tuner out, line out, line in, line/effect mix, switchable -10dB input,  attack time, compressor, bass boost, hi boost, mute footswitch out
  • Output RMS: 2 x 500 w (2 ohms), 1 x 1000 w (4 ohms) bridged mode
  • Power Amp: Class D amplifier module, separate volume control for CH-A and CH-B and bridged mode option
  • Power Supply: switching power supply
  • Cooling: high quality temperature controlled fan

Dimensions: (WxHxD): 27 cm x 8 cm x 25 cm / 10.7" x 3.2" x 9.9"
Weight: 2,8 kg/4.41 lbs

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S-series 2x12 Classic Cabinet

TecAmp s212
TECAMP S-series 2x12 Classic Cabinet - € 849,00 NEW

The S-series cabinets provide solid fundamentals and superior dynamic aliveness even in the most cramped clubs. The slim design cabinet is ideally suited for placement of a small head on top. These ultra compact cabinets with 2 x 12" speakers deliver impressively deep bass and amazing sound pressure levels. The weight is an astonishing 20 kg /44.1 lbs.

Due to the small dimensions of the cabinets the housings are specially calibrated so that the high-power speakers guarantee faithful reproduction of all nuances. Even at their highest output level they provide distortion-free, clean, and ultra dynamic sound reproduction at sound pressure levels far exceeding that of club applications.

The special Nedymium tweeter in combination with our Tweeter Switching System allows both aggressive rock, or soft funk and fusion settings in six stages. This makes our cabinets ideal for all genres, playing styles, and sonic preferences.

With power handling capability of 600 watts RMS, the S212 Classic is an ultra-reliable working tool with the highest sound quality and “real” value... it's also extremely fun to play through!

From the instrument cable strain relief located in the left side handle to the Ampfixing bracket which provides secure positioning for all TecAmp amplifiers, this cabinet is long on quality and innovative features.
For optimum damping of unwanted resonances our housings are made with support bracings and dampened with acoustic foam.

  • Model: S212 Classic
  • Configuration: 2 x 12 Ceramic speaker
  • Power RMS: 600 W
  • Horn: 1x NTW1 horn with tweeter switching system
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB
  • Freq. Response: 40-19.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Connections: Two Speakon combo connectors
  • Tweeter Switching System

Dimensions: (WxHxD): 44 cm x 75 cm x 41 cm / 17.4" x 29.6" x 16.2"
Weight: 20 kg/44.09 lbs

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Pleasure Board 'Medium'

Pleasureboard MediumTECAMP Pleasure Board 'Medium' - € 549,00 NEW

Bass players using In-Ear systems on stage suffer from lacking punch and sub frequencies which prevent them from controlling their playing. How do I sound out there? Am I always tight with the drummer? I can't hear myself! Most of you might be familiar with this. The Pleasure Board is the ideal subwoofer floor for stages, studio, rehearsal room or even bedroom. Two LFA2 (low frequency ass kick) transducers moving the bass into your body. A great experience many professional bass players are not willing to do without any longer. Feeling your instrument and what you play has never been as intense before. The additional phones out and the vibration-proof suspension of the base plate let you rehearse at home late at night without bothering your neighbours.

The Pleasure Board is driven by the specially developed Pleasure Pump. This setup gives you a system that works on its own and fits every occasion. You can very well power the Pleasure Board by a regular bass amp, either as a stand-alone subwoofer or as an addition to your existing cabinet.

  • Input: Neutrik Speakon-Combo-Socket Typ NLJ 2 MD-V
  • Power handling: 600 Watt/ 8 Ohm
  • Headphone output: 3,5mm Stereo Jack
  • Headphone impedance: 16-120 ohms x2
    Dimensions: (WxHxD):: 31,5'' x 3,9'' x 31,5''
    Weight: 16,5 kg/36,4 lbs

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