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It’s not every day that you see a pedal that seeks to emulate certain IC chips throughout history, but the Alexander Amnesia delay does just that. Not only does it seek to emulate, it absolutely nails each sound and it all adds up to one breathtaking delay box. 

The toggle switch in the center of the pedal accomplishes the IC emulation. The first position is MN3005, the bucket-brigade chip used in the Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, Ibanez AD-80 and countless others. It’s a classic chip and it delivers warm repeats with the slightest big of degredation as the repeats run on.

The SAD4069 was found in the DOD 680 delay among others, and this mode degrades in a slightly sloppier way; the repeats have a mildly crunchy distortion as the delay time is increased. The MN3208 was found in many rack analog delay units and is the most degraded of all. The repeats gets murky quickly, and the attack is softened to a great degree.

Time, Repeat and Mod round out the controls. Where Time and Repeat are self-explanatory, the Mod knob is very interesting; at noon, there is no modulation. Turning the knob to the left adds vibrato, and to the right adds chorus. The pedal can be used as a modulation by turning the Time knob all the way down.

Alexander Pedals Amnesia Delay Features:
Three distinct delay modes based on classic IC chips
- Chorus or Vibrato modulation modes
- Can be used as a modulation pedal with no delay
- Standard 9v center-negative operation

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