Squealer SR-04 'RCA jack adapter'

Squealer SR-04 'RCA jack adapter'
EXAR Squealer SR-04 'RCA jack adapter' - 60,00 EXHIBITION ITEM

The SR-04 opens up completely new distortion-sound-possibilities for today’s musicians. Due to is pioneering construction of the electronic circuit, it produces a broad, monumental tone, combined with endless sustain and a whole bunch of harmonics. The extremely effective three-band-equaliser allows any kind of sound for modern metal-music.

High: Adjustment of the high frequencies
Mid: Adjustment of the mid frequencies
Low: Adjustment of the low frequencies
Level: Determines the overall output volume
Squeak: Adjusts the amount of the harmonic components of the output-signal

Power supply: 9V
Input: 1MOhm
Output: 10KOhm
Current Draw: 19mA
Size: 60x110x50mm
Weight: 400g

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