Tuber TB-04 'True Bypass'

Tuber TB-04 'True Bypass'
EXAR Tuber TB-04 'True Bypass' - € 99,00 NEW

The TR-04 produces an overdrive-effect. It gently cuts the peaks of the input-signal, thus producing a mellow tube-effect. Due to its unique tone-controls, the TR-04 creates a new dimension of a legendary sound.
The interaction between guitar and amplifier and the clearness of tone is remarkable.

High: Adjustment of the high frequencies
Low: Adjustment of the low frequencies
Level: Determines the overall output volume
Dist: Adjusts the amount of the harmonic components of the output-signal

Power supply: 9V
Input: 1MOhm
Output: 10KOhm
Current Draw: 9mA
Size: 60x110x50mm
Weight: 400g

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