Fetto Maximus

Himmelstrutz Fetto MaximusHIMMELSTRUTZ Fetto Maximus - € 249,00 NEW

Fetto Maximus, the groundbreaking cocktail, the best parts from all Fetto's ever made, and much more...

Drive - Overdrive/Distortion level control
More - Boost level control
Power - infinitely variable Power/Compression control potentiometer. Two styles/characters of 'Power' to be set with a 'Power' toggle switch
Volume - as loud as you'll ever need
Bass - Guitar tailored Bass control (passive)
Mid - Guitar tailored Mid control (passive)
Treble - Guitar tailored Treble control (passive)

    • Toggle Switches:
    • Power - 'Power' pot character (2 way toggle)
      Presence - more/less higher frequencies (3 way toggle)
        • Push Switches:
        • GIMME - Overdrive (Blue LED) true bypass switching
        • MORE - Boost (Orange LED) true bypass switching

          * The GIMME/MORE (Drive/Boost) order is changeable with internal switches/jumpers
      Internal Settings:
    • Default Gain (switches) Boost/Overdrive order (switches) Top Gear Tweaks! (treble character switches)

Power Consumption: 9 V DC/6-8 mA (= rich battery life).
Battery included AC Adapter (Optional): 9 V DC, center-pin negative (BOSS Standard connection, regulated power supply)
Dimensions (L/W/H): 120,0/94,0/53,0 mm (4,72/3,45/2,3 in /knobs+switches included) Weight: 450 grams (0,99 lbs)
Name, colour, finish: May vary depending on season and reason: Jan 2015-: Ripe Raspberry Red

100% handmade in Sweden. First batch = 20 pcs (limited edition).

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