RMI Basswitch IQ DI

Lehle Basswitch IQ DI 2LEHLE RMI Basswitch IQ DI - € 445,00 NEW

The concept for this "swiss army knife for bassplayers" comes from Jacques Ruppert, head of RMI, while the technical part was realized here at Lehle. As a central controller for bass setups it is equipped with a number or features:

  • - Lehle True Sound Technology
  • - Input A/B switch with impedance matching for piezo pickups
  • - Studiograde preamp
  • - 4-band EQ with double semiparametric mids
  • - switchable effectsloop with blend/mix control
  • - switchable effectsloop can also be used as volume boost
  • - serial effectsloop (non switchable)
  • - Studiograde D.I.-box with Pad-, Pre/Post- und groundlift-switch incl Lehle LTMZ transformer for galvanic isolation
  • - can be used with any power supply 9 to 20 volt AC oder DC
  • - additonal output for tuner
  • - muteswitch
  • - extremly robust design with protected controls

  • The Basswitch IQ DI is manufactured by Lehle in Germany on behalf of RMI.

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