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The SLO DRIVE is a dual channel overdrive/distortion which emulates the mighty sound of the legendary SLO-100.
The SLO DRIVE features an active 4-Band equalizer and one volume control for both channels, but each channel has its own gain control. The gain controls CRUNCH and OVERDRIVE interact when the OVERDRIVE channel is activated to allow a harmonic change in gain.

With the special active 4-band equalizer (with DEPTH control as a trim potentiometer inside), it's possible to create a powerful distortion sound without fuzzy, screaming highs, even if the amplifier is set to crystall clean - no more compromises between a good clean sound and a kick-ass distortion!

The toggle switch allows you to chose between different mid frequencies. If your guitar sounds too muddy, just throw the MIDRANGE-switch to cut through the mix!

Supply Voltage: 9V DC
Current Draw: 30mA @ 9V
Controls: Overdrive, Crunch, Treble, Middle, Bass, (Depth), Level
Switches: On/Off (True Bypass), Select, Midrange, Dynamic
Jacks: Input, Output, 9V DC
Indicator: LEDs 5mm red, ultrabright
Dimensions: ca. 120 x 95 x 55 mm
Weight: ca. 360 g

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