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STELLARTONE ToneStyler 'Guitar Ten' - € 125,00 NEW

The GUITAR TEN is a ten-position control featuring one "tone pot loading circuit" in switch position #9 (adjacent to TRUE BYPASS). This EQ position exactly duplicates the subtle loading and treble reduction of a standard 500k ohm guitar tone pot with a .022µF tone capacitor, when turned to maximum clockwise brightness. Range: TRUE BYPASS to .022µF.

- Ten circuit positions: true bypass, 500kohm+.022uF tone pot loading, plus eight ToneStyler EQ contours
- .022uF max capacitance
- 24-fine-splined-solid multi-use tip fits USA push-on knobs, 6mm hole & 1/4” hole set-screw knobs
- 3/8”-32 dia. x 1/2” MID-length USA bushing mounts thru all surfaces up to 3/8” thick
- Compact polymer module: 0.875" dia. x 0.825" behind-panel depth
- For passive high-impedance pickup guitars with two "volume-tone" knobs (Tele), three "volume-tone-tone" knobs (Strat), or four "volume-tone-volume-tone" knobs (Gibson)
- Use one per volume control


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