Ultralite Tuner HB6 Clover 1/2

Hipshot HB6C 38HIPSHOT Ultralite Tuner HB6 Clover 1/2 - € 35,00 - 40,00 NEW

Any sore shouldered bassist can tell you that fighting "neck dive" from a poorly balanced instrument is akin to slow torture. Hipshot's Ultralite bass machine heads are designed and machined to lighten up the load while improving ruggedness and accuracy. Spend more time on the bass--Not at the chiropractor!

  • - Solid machined aircraft grade aluminum housing gives you high durability in an extremely light package
    - Small footprint easily installs on 4, 5, and 6 string headstocks
    - 20:1 gear ratio with a full size gear and worm for super quick and accurate tuning
    - Tuning keys are easily reversible for conversion to bass or treble side
    - 1/2" string post fits 11/16" headstock hole
    - Weight: 47g
    - Color: chrome, black, gold
    - Tuners are sold individually

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