Roland RH-A7 'Black'

Roland RH A7 BK
ROLAND RH-A7 'Black' - € 85,00 NEW

Enjoy All the Dynamics of Your Digital Piano, Day or Night!

Silent practice shouldn’t mean losing the immersive tone of your digital piano. Day or night, slip on Roland’s RH-A7 headphones and bring all the character, depth and detail of your instrument through an open-air design that’s so comfortable, you’ll keep practicing for hours. The RH-A7 is designed to inspire modern players, with a wide dynamic range that catches the nuances of Roland’s renowned piano tone, from shimmering highs to commanding bass. Meanwhile, the open-back design keeps practice sessions light, cool and interactive, letting you talk to your teacher or lose yourself in the music.

- Ideal for modern digital instruments like the Roland piano range
- 40mm driver and open-air design for natural, and nuanced sound
- Lightweight construction and breathable, secure-fit design, for comfort during extended playing sessions
- Open-air format lets students hear their teacher’s instructions
- Soft suede-finish earpads for luxurious feel
- Wide dynamic range is also suited to audio playback

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Roland RH-5 'Black'

Roland RH 5
ROLAND RH-5 'Black' - € 28,90 NEW

Headphones for Everyday Music Making and Audio Playback!

As a modern musician, a set of quality headphones will help you in so many scenarios. From solo practice on digital piano, electric guitar or electronic drums, to studying a mix, or just enjoying a playlist, Roland’s RH-5 headphones deliver in every setting. Priced within budget for working musicians, slip on this comfortable closed-back set and hear your music through high-performance 40mm drivers that keep all the tone and dynamics alive. Whatever you play, wherever your music takes you, you’ll want the RH-5 headphones in your gigbag.

- Equipped with high-performance 40mm drivers for dynamic sound
- Exceptional value and high-quality performance
- Provides a natural, balanced response for a range of instruments
- Secure and comfortable lightweight design
- Conversion plug (included) accommodates standard and mini headphone connectors
- Great for general audio playback too

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