Amin Afify 'Treehouse'

Treehouse Front
Amin Afify 'Treehouse' - € 15,00 NEW

Amin Afify: vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele, synthesizer
Michael Heidmann: electric guitar, vocals
Adrian Maruszczyk: bass guitar, percussion
Sven Klapperich: drums, percussion
Michelle Kuban: vocals
Slawek Semeniuk: bass guitar
Joel Braun:
electric guitar
Rafal Panek:
electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Jacqueline Fijnaut: vocals
Sven Rossenbach: ssax, clarinet
Uwe Böttcher: double bass, viola, violin
Tuur Florizoone: accordion
Kamil Baranski:
piano, organ, synthesizer
Andy Willems: e-piano, organ
1. Meine Insel
2. Coffee to go
3. Treehouse
4. Backstreet
5. Glück im Unglück
6. Perfekt
7. NBC
8. If Only
9. So leicht
10. You should love me
11. Wüstensand
12. Wenn du schlafen gehst

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