Phasing PH-04 'True Bypass'

Phasing PH-04 'True Bypass'
EXAR Phasing PH-04 'True Bypass' - 99,00 NEW

The PH-04 represents one of the most well-known modulation-effects. The typical phasing sound is created by mixing the original-signal with a phase-shifted signal, producing a spacy, warbling tone-colour.
The wide regulation-possibilities allow all types of effects, from slightly swinging modulation to deep phase-tremolo.

Rate: Regulation of the frequency of the LFO-Generator
Colour: Adjusts the amount of feedback of the signal
Deph: Adjustment of the depth of the effect

Power supply: 9V
Input: 1MOhm
Output: 10KOhm
Current Draw: 11mA
Size: 60x110x50mm
Weight: 400g

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