Der 'Arnold' ist unser leistungsstärkstes Verstärkermodell mit 2x 500 W /4 Ohms or 1x1000 W / 8 Ohms.
Dieses professionelle Werkzeug kann mit verschiedensten Boxen kombiniert werden.

The 'Arnold' is our most powerful amplifier head with 2x 500 W /4 Ohms or 1x1000 W / 8 Ohms.
This professional tool can be connected to various cabinet combinations.


ARNOLD Bass Amplifier
Amp: 2 x 500W / 4Ohms - 1 x 1000W / 8Ohms
Preamp: Gain, Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, Treble, Bottom, Contour, Presence
Inputs: passive / active, mute pedal,  tuner, effect send/return, XLR sym., line out, speakon speaker A / B, speakon bridge
Outputs: Line Out, Balanced XLR, Tuner, effects send/return
Speaker out: cabinet 2 x 500W 4 Ohms, 1 x bridge 1000W 8Ohms,
Dimensions: 19", 2HE, 355mm
Weight: 12,5 kg


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