Tascam VL-S5 Pair

Tascam VL S5
TASCAM VL-S5 Pair - € 209,00 NEW

The VL-S5 is the successor of Tascam’s popular range of high-quality studio monitors. Designed for the needs of home studios, it works well with audio interfaces such as our US-2x2HR and US-4x4HR.

The design of the VL-S5 makes it a high-resolution monitoring system for any environment. You immediately notice the seamless, natural response delivered by the Kevlar woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter.

Each component is driven by a separate amplifier, and a crossover frequency of 3.2 kHz maximizes the efficiency of both drivers while moving phase issues out of the critical midrange. The system offers even frequency reproduction from 60 Hz to 22 kHz. Balanced input connections reduce noise and interface with professional components.

For reliable mix playback at an affordable price, the VL-S5 studio monitor might be your first choice.

- Compact powered two-way monitor speaker
- Ideal to monitor sounds from your computer, multi-track recorder or portable music player
- Powerful bi-amp design (HF: 30 W, LF: 40W)
- Direct radiating 5¼-inch woofer
- Bass reflex design for rich low-frequency reproduction
- 1-inch dome tweeter
- Magnetic shielding for use near CRT computer monitors
- Protection against excessive output current, over-temperature, turn-on/off transients, subsonic
- Frequency response: 60 Hz – 22 kHz
- Crossover frequency: 3.2 kHz
- XLR/TRS combo input (balanced/unbalanced)
- Input level control
- Power LED
- Removable mains power cable
- External mains fuse
- Dimensions (W × H × D): 176 mm × 255 mm × 200 mm
- Weight: 5.4 kg

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