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Hipshot 5VintageBridge

Hipshot will stop producing the Vintage-bridge in gold.
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Roland F701 – Winner of Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2021


F701 Red Dot Award

Roland F701 Digital Piano Wins Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021

Roland digital pianoshonored with third Red Dot Award for product design!

Hamamatsu, Japan, April 2021—Roland, a leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments and professional video products, announced today that the RolandF701 DigitalPiano, the most compact of Roland’s upright pianos, has won a Red DotDesign Award: Product Design 2021 for its soft, inviting design and commanding performance. As one of the largest, oldest, and most respected design competitions in the world, the Red Dot Design Award has provided a platform for designers and companies to assess and praise exceptional design for more than 60 years.The Red Dot Awards have now honoredRoland with accolades for product design three times since 2017. Previous winners include the LX700 series and FP-90 digital pianos.

As the most compact of all of Roland’s upright pianos, the F701is an ideal piano for learning at home—especially for those who appreciate understated looks. Designed to complement modern room styles, the F701 resembles a sleek sideboard cabinet, and with white or light oak color options, it blends naturally witha wide range of decor. And thanks to its compact size, this is a piano that fits easily in smaller spaces.

The F701 epitomizes Roland’s soft and inviting design language. Its profile is simple, slim, and subtle, with rounded corners and a lid that slides over the keys when not in use. Even the rear-view appeals, with neatly arranged connections that allow the piano to face any direction without unsightly wires.

Although small in size, the F701’s performance is commanding. Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound and PHA-4 Standard keyboard—featuring hammer action, escapement, and ivory-feel white keys—all react to the subtlest touch, for a truly inspiring playing experience. And with an easy-to-read, icon-driven display, onboard practice features, and Bluetooth connectivity for exploring an exciting world of apps, the F701 is the perfect instrument for learning to play.

“Roland’s mission is to inspire the enjoyment of creativity, andwe designinnovative products that make learning and playing musicboth exciting and fun.Exceptional design is at the heart of this mission becausegiving our customers the best musical experience possible is what drives our team to design the best products possible. We’re honored that the panel of Red Dot Award judges continues to praisethe design merits of our pianos year after year,” said Roland Corporation CEO and Representative Director Jun-ichi Miki.

The Red Dot Jury comprises 50 international experts who test, discuss, and evaluate each entry individuallybased on judging criteriaadapted to new technical, social, economic, andecological requirementssuch as innovation, functionality, quality, durability, and ecological compatibility, among others.

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About the Red Dot Design Award

In order to appraise the diversity in the field of design in a professional manner, the Red Dot Design Award breaks down into the three disciplines of Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Communication Design, and Red Dot Award: Design Concept. The Red Dot Award is organized by Design ZentrumNordrhein Westfalen and is one of the world’s largest design competitions. In 1955, a jury convened for the first time to assess the best designs of the day. In the 1990s, Red Dot CEO Professor Dr. Peter Zec developed the name and brand of the award. Ever since, the sought-after Red Dot award has been the revered international seal of outstanding design quality. More information is available at

About Roland Corporation

For nearly 50 years, Roland’s innovative electronic musical instruments and multimedia products have fueled inspiration in artists and creators around the world. Embraced by hobbyists and professionals alike, the company’s trendsetting gear spans multiple categories, from pianos, synthesizers, guitar products, and electronic percussion to DJ controllers, audio/video solutions, livestreaming products, and more. As technology evolves, Roland continues to lead the way for gigging musicians, producers, and beatmakers, providing modern software-based solutions and seamless creative workflows between hardware products, computers, and mobile devices. For more information, visit

The new Stellartone Duo Six ToneStyler arrived!

Stellartone DuoSix

The latest refinement in Stellartone's unique two-channel two-cable ToneStylers.  The multi-range, multi-purpose 2021 DUO SIX offers musicians a choice between four contrasting capacitance ranges during the easy drop-in installation.

For use in guitars and basses featuring two pickup volumes but space for only one master tone control (Fender Jazz Bass, Gretsch), simply connect one cable to each pickup output. The blue cable's .047µF range controls the neck pickup, and the red cable's .022µF range controls the bridge pickup.

For use in guitars and basses with only one master volume control (Fender Precision Bass, Telecaster) connect only one cable to the volume pot to access the traditional .022µF or .047µF tone pot ranges.  To increase the EQ range to .069µF sub-bass, connect both cables in parallel.  To decrease to .015µF for mid-range-only EQ, connect both cables in series.  You may also connect one cable to each pickup output, producing two complementary EQ ranges.

There are five contrasting capacitance circuits in each of the four available EQ ranges, with uniform audio-taper spacing between tones.  At full clockwise rotation, the installer's option of true bypass or virtual tone pot loading is selected.

New features for 2021:  Within these traditional tone pot capacitor ranges, the dual circuits have been precisely re-voiced from bright to dark, in five complementary audio-taper tone steps.   This refinement now allows both cables to be connected together in parallel to create a single-circuit ToneStyler SUB-BASS control, ranging way down to .069µF… or alternately, connected together in series to create a single-circuit ToneStyler MID-RANGE control, adjusting down to only .015µF.  These two optional EQ ranges enjoy the same uniform audio-taper tone spacing per step, as when only one cable is used.

The DUO SIX is 100% compatible with passive high-impedance pickup basses & guitars, with three-knob "volume-volume-tone" controls, such as Fender's J-Bass and most Gretsch models.  Use ONE Duo Six per TWO volume controls.

Alternately, the DUO SIX may be installed in a single-volume-knob bass or guitar, such as Fender’s P-Bass and Telecaster.  By connecting one or both cables to the volume pot, the installer’s choice between four contrasting tone ranges is easily made:   .069µF  .047µF   .022µF  or  .015µF.  This versatility allows one DUO SIX to be shared and transferred within a variety of guitars and basses with many different control plans, as may be required for recording or live performances.

1/4" solid "D-flat" tip fits ONLY 1/4” hole USA set-screw knobs… NOT PUSH-ON OR METRIC KNOBS!   3/8”-32 dia. x 5/16" length USA bushing mounts thru surfaces up to 3/16” thick, such as metal control plates, pickguards, and typical solid-wood & laminated-top thicknesses.  Compact polymer module with 0.875" dia. and 0.8125" behind-panel depth (±5%) allows an easy drop-in swap for a standard tone pot, with no fitting or modification required.  100% passive analog circuity - no batteries - zero noise!  Made in U.S.A.


BOSS GT-1000 Core in stock!


The Core of Your Creative Vision!

Amazingly powerful and ultra-versatile, GT-1000CORE delivers the most complete guitar and bass processing experience available in a single stompbox. The full DSP muscle of the flagship GT-1000 lives inside this mini juggernaut, driving class-leading sound quality, advanced AIRD technology, 24 simultaneous effects blocks, and over 140 unique amp/effect types for unlimited creative expression. GT-1000CORE fits into any pedalboard setup and works equally well as a standalone processor for playing live and in the studio. And with flexible I/O and vast control support, it’s right at home as the core of any rig.

GT-1000CORE brings next-level creative versatility to any pedalboard, big or small. Toggle between Memory and Manual modes to recall presets or kick effects on/off, and easily integrate with other stomps via mono or stereo I/O. Use the dual send/return jacks for external effects, four-cable method, or separate feeds to a PA or recorder. Access deeper control with external footswitches and expressions pedals, or remotely switch channels on your amp. And with MIDI I/O on space-saving TRS jacks, GT-1000CORE can control—or be controlled by—other MIDI devices in your rig.

Offering a complete sound processing solution in an ultra-portable package, GT-1000CORE lets you travel light and tackle any professional playing situation with no additional pedals. In a single patch, you have access to 24 simultaneous effects, including two amps at once. And with 250 user patches, there’s ample room to store sound creations for every type of gig. The impressive DSP engine delivers on-demand power for all available effects, so you’ll never worry about running out of processing while building sounds.

GT-1000CORE is a perfect companion for recording and playing at home. It’s a multi-channel USB audio/MIDI interface for flexible DAW production and efficient re-amping. Recording mode allows you to choose from a variety of built-in speaker and microphone types, and it’s also possible to import 16 of your favorite WAV-format speaker impulse responses. The onboard looper is a great tool for practice, building sounds, and developing ideas. And with BOSS Tone Studio’s intuitive user interface, it’s easy to craft sounds on a Mac or Windows computer.

GT-1000CORE harnesses BOSS’s breakthrough AIRD technology for a new level of performance, flexibility, and usability. AIRD is an evolution of the comprehensive Tube Logic concept behind the Katana, Waza, and Blues Cube amplifiers, adapted to provide consistent response across the many different scenarios where an amp processor might be used. AIRD enables GT-1000CORE to smoothly flow into any creative setup, providing great tone and natural tube amp feel with minimal adjustments. A large selection of AIRD Output Select types let you tailor the sound for any destination, whether it’s a guitar amp input, a power amp driving guitar speakers, or a full-range monitoring system—or all of them at once. AIRD is fully integrated into GT-1000CORE’s amps at every level, so you’ll always experience their authentic sound and response, no matter what you’re plugged into.

GT-1000CORE is loaded with expressive guitar amplifiers, all meticulously crafted with AIRD. There are BOSS original amps suitable for all guitar styles, plus famous tube amps from coveted vintage combos to modern high-gain heads. A massive range of effects options are also on board, including BOSS classics, retro stompboxes, MDP effects, and advanced algorithms from the BOSS 500 series. Multiple series and parallel routings are easy to set up with the intuitive interface. And with the clever Stompbox feature, commonly used amp and effects settings can be adjusted across multiple patches at once.

GT-1000CORE is a bass processing powerhouse in a grab-and-go package. Three AIRD bass preamps are provided for shaping your core tone, and eight different overdrive/distortion effects are available for additional color. There’s an MDP bass compressor too, plus chorus, flanger, touch wah, and many other effects specially tuned for bass. And with GT-1000CORE’s versatile effects and output routing, you can deliver optimized sound to a stage amp or PA mixer—or both at once.


Something very special - Luminlay knobs in stock!

Knob Knob blau Knob grün
We have something very special for you - Luminlay metal knobs with glow in the dark numbers!

MA series is with 0-10 numbers, MB series is with -5 to 5 numbers, MC series is with B4321M1234N numbers, 19 mm in diameter, and for 6 mm shaft. General metal knobs have beautiful looks but they are difficult to control precisely. Luminlay knobs improved this weak point by adding numbers and glowing. These help your play to make more accurate. High quality machining and plating, handcraft process.

- M series, 6mm shaft pots
- MA series is with 0-10 numbers (volume, tone)
- MB series is with -5 to 5 numbers (boost & cut)
- MC series is with B4321M1234N numbers (PU balancer)
- 19mm diameter
- glow blue or glow green
- black knob
- fixation with headless screw


Hannabach strings now available!

Hannabach Strings

With the new 600 series it is finally here: the set of strings in legendary Hannabach quality at an extremely attractive price and still 'hand-made in Germany'. No compromises are made on the string itself, after all it is a Hannabach string and the following applies: 'The sound comes first!'

New Mr. TEE Colors!

Mojito Lime Green TransparentMr. Tee 1Blue Wave Metallic
Mr. Tee 2Black Sparkle
Mr. Tee 3Turquoise Transparent
Mr. Tee 4Bishop Transparent
Mr. Tee 5
Our 5 new colors are now available for Mr. TEE !
Create your custom bass with these beautiful new colors.
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Yamaha Basses in our shop!

Yamaha Basses

Many different Yamaha basses are waiting for you!

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Marshall Amps in stock!


A lot of new Marshall Amps are now available in our shop!
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