New Hipshot Solo Single String Bass Bridge in stock!

Hipshot Solo Bass Bridge

It's our industry-leading A Style saddle in its most flexible form. Untethered from a traditional bridge plate, the Solo’s modular design allows you to achieve virtually any string spacing and scale length imaginable. Dialing in the perfect setup is easy with the A Style’s intuitive height, intonation, and side-to-side adjustments. And if that’s not enough flexibility, choose between through-body and through-bridge string mounting on each unit. Build anything from a straight-ahead four string bass to a 10 string multi-scale behemoth!

  • - Bridges are sold individually (one piece)
  • - A Style saddle has height, intonation and side-to-side string spacing adjustment
  • - Grooves cut into the base plate prevent the saddles from wiggling side to side
  • - Bridges can be placed on the body to achieve string to string spacings as narrow as .655"
  • - Available in stainless, black and gold finishes


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