JC 4 AL Neck/Bridge Set

JC 4 ALDELANO JC 4 AL Neck/Bridge Set - € 180,00 NEW

The DELANO JC series are retrofit pickups for standard Jazz Bass type instruments and can be installed in any kind of bass with similar pickup routings. All JC series four and five string pickups use standard fourstring size shells (covers).

The JC4 AL (alnico single coil) is our well revised version of the classic JB pickup .We examined the best vintage basses from 1960 to 1977 to create a harmonious blend between the woody low mid growl and warm articulate midrange early sixties pickups are famous for with the funky twang' of some better seventies examples, then we added a slight embellishment to the deep bass and bright harmonics range. The result is a well balanced single coil pickup that delivers everything from the best old school R&B tones to funky spank on steroids.

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JC 5 AL Neck/Bridge Set

JC 5 ALDELANO JC 5 AL Neck/Bridge Set - € 196,00 NEW

If you are looking for refined classic single coil JBass tone in a fivestring format, our new JC5 AL (alnico single coil 5) will be your # 1 choice.

Like its fourstring brother, the JC4 AL, it has been developed to combine the best elements of vintage JBass tone with modern performance specs. We took a lot of extra care to fully accommodate the 5th string into the tonal spectrum of the pickup without losing any of its sonic integrity. This pickup is ready to convince even hardcore vintage buffs who thought a fivestring pickup could never perform like the ones in their beloved early sixties bass.

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