Cold Sweat 6-string Humbucker Set - Camo Battleworn

BareKnuckle Cold Sweat Camo BattleWornBARE KNUCKLE Cold Sweat 6-string Humbucker Set/Camo Battleworn - € 315,00 NEW

The custom sized ceramic magnet gives the Cold Sweat humbucker a more controlled dynamic with stacks of output and sustain. The mix of ceramic powered bridge and Alnico V powered neck gives a broad palette of clean and driven tones which creates the perfect tone for a variety of modern rock styles.

The neck humbucker is very popular among shred players for its articulate but fluid tone, and it is ideal for effortless sweep picking; the bridge pickup is also known for its precise attack. Pick harmonics jump out and the whole feel is very touch sensitive, especially when used with high-gain. The powerful bass and treble response of the bridge humbucker has the effect of slightly scooping the mids, which creates a very precise and rich tone with masses of depth.

The Cold Sweat humbuckers are absolutely perfect for pushing a tube amp into natural overdrive, and they will also maintain superb definition with the full saturation of a high-gain amp.

- Output: Contemporary
- BridgeDC: 13.7KΩ, Ceramic Magnet
- NeckDC: 8.3KΩ, Alnico V Magnet
- Set: Calibrated Covered Set
- Bridge Spacing: 50mm
- Conductor: 4
- Leg: Short (1/4")
- Cover Finish: Camo Battleworn
- Pole Screws: Black Bolts
- Etch: None
- Cover Type: Standard

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