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Public Peace proudly presents the bass of the month August 2020!


Body: alder
Neck: 3 piece hard rock maple, matched neck, carbon rods
Fingerboard: olive
Frets: 24, fretless
Inlays: mini ghost lines
Headstock: matched, black 'M'-Logo
Nut width: 50mm
Construction: set in
Pickups: Delano Xtender 5 D/HE & HE/S, 2 mini switch (serial/parallel/single coil)
Electronics: active 3-band Delano MS/E - volume (active/passive push/pull switch), balance, bass, mid, treble/passive tone
Finish: yellow, body & neck gloss
Hardware: black, ETS bridge with 17mm string spacing, Standard Y-style tuner
incl. Gigbag

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Maruszczyk Instruments | Public Peace
Maruszczyk Instruments | Public Peace

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