Mopped B

The Mopped B is our further development of the Mopped guitar.

Ash, alder and mahogany are available as body wood, there are no taboos in the fingerboard and the top woods. Whether walnut, olive or noblest snakewood; let your creativity run wild.

Arbitrary inlays of mother of pearl, acrylic or wood make the instrument a personalised Masterpiece. 20 frets are available at a scale of 34". The Mopped B is also available as 32'' (19 frets) or 35'' bass.

The headstock was so revisited that it manages to save weight and work without string tree. The Mopped B offers 4 different headstocks - especially the 'reversed headstock'.

The bass player has the choice between active and passive electronics and pickups of any kind. The Mopped B is available as a 4-, or 5-string bass. The hardware is available in chrome, gold or black, optionally with security locks. Whether natural or color, opaque or transparent, matte or gloss; choose yourself and create your personal instrument.

The Mopped B is also available as a left-handed electric bass.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for your custom Mopped B!


MARUSZCZYK INSTRUMENTS Mopped 5p 'Black Burst' Lefthand
• Body: alder with quilted maple top
• Neck: roasted hard rock maple
• Fingerboard: rosewood
• Finish: black burst, transparent, body/neck matte
• Left handed model
1.950,00 EUR
Maruszczyk Instruments Mopped B L 4p Magenta 
• Body: alder
• Neck: flamed maple, carbon rods
• Fingerboard: flamed maple
• Finish: magenta, body gloss/neck matte
2.590,00 EUR
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