The Sputnik is a modern beauty, capable of a great variety of sounds. This ergonomically designed single-cut body provides great playability up to the highest fret and a longer sustain due to the great contact between neck and body.

In most cases the body is made of ash or mahogany and equipped with specially selected tops. The 3-piece maple neck is set in to the body and provided with a 24-fret fingerboard out of ebony, rosewood or birdseye maple.

The matching headstock, various inlays and high quality hardware, make the Sputnik into a true eyecatcher.

The bass player has the choice between active and passive electronics pickups of any kind. The Sputnik is standard, as a 4-, 5-, or 6-string available.

The high-quality hardware is available in chrome, gold or black, optionally with security locks.

Whether natural or color whether opaque or transparent whether matt or gloss, you can decide for yourself and create your personal instrument.

The Sputnik is also available as a left-handed electric bass.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for your custom Sputnik!


Maruszczyk Instruments Sputnik 6a Redwood Burl
• Body: walnut with red wood burl top and maple veneer
• Neck: 3 pieces flamed birdseye maple, carbon rods
• Fingerboard: birdseye maple
• Finish: natural, body/neck matte
3.690,00 EUR
MARUSZCZYK INSTRUMENTS Sputnik 6a-24 'Eye Poplar' Headless Multiscale
• Body: alder with eye poplar top and wenge veneer
• Neck: 3 pieces roasted birds eye maple, carbon rods
• Fingerboard: birds eye maple
• Finish: natural, body/neck matte
3.690,00 EUR
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