Wojtek Pilichowski Signature

The Pi-Bass was designed especially for the needs of Wojtek Pilichowski, a well-known first class bass player, composer and producer from Poland.

Since 1994 he has recorded 14 solo albums including three live recordings released also on DVD. They sold more than 100 000 copies. Wojtek has always been working with other artists. He recorded over 200 albums which sold more than 6 milion copies. For many years he has been playing at the most important festivals worldwide, including Bass Player Live, Euro Bass Day in Italy and many other. Awarded with numerous awards, including 16 for best Polish bassplayer. Nowadays, Wojtek is leading two of his own projects - Pilichowski Band, and Pilichowski Trio. He is the author of two textbooks and a DVD tutorial about playing the bass guitar. He gives workshops and lectures all around the world. The Electro Step album, released in 2015 is a revolutionary joint of fusion jazz and electro. Many of his compositions have been covered by musicians from multiple countries.

The classic Pi-Bass has an ergonomically shaped ash body which has a well balanced centre of gravity. Optionally it can be extended with various tops from our custom shop.

The set-in neck is made out of hard rock maple with maple, rosewood or ebony fingerboard with 24 frets.

The bass player has the choice between active and passive electronics pickups of any kind. The Pi is standard, as a 4-, 5-, or 6-string available. Another special feature is that the Pi is also available as a 'headless' bass.
The high-quality hardware is available in chrome, gold or black, optionally with security locks. Whether natural or color whether opaque or transparent whether matt or gloss, you can decide for yourself and create your personal instrument. The Pi-Bass is also available as a left-handed electric bass.

π = 3,14159265

Maruszczyk Instruments Frog Pi 4a Wojtek Pilichowski Signature
• Body: ash with makassar ebony action wood top
• Neck: 3 piece wenge and 2 piece padouk, carbon rods
• Fingerboard: ebony
• Finish: natural, body gloss/neck gloss
2.690,00 EUR
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