Applause Elite AE44-7S 1
Applause Elite AE44-7S 2
Applause Elite AE44-7S 3
Preview: Applause Elite AE44-7S 1
Preview: Applause Elite AE44-7S 2
Preview: Applause Elite AE44-7S 3

This product is compatible with (for example):

Maruszczyk Instruments Moses 'angled/angled' 5 m
• Length: 5 m
• Connectors: Neutrik angled jack/angled jack
• Colour: black
26,90 EUR
GHS Fast Fret
• textile pen soaked in maintenance oil and polishing cloth for cleaning the strings
• effectively removes dirt and dust
• extends the durability of the strings through corossion protection
• silicone free
• also suitable for cleaning the back of the neck and fingerboard
9,50 EUR
GEWA Fire & Stone Stringwinder
• Makes it easier to string your electric or acoustic guitar
• Available in the colours white, red blue and black
• Suitable for electric and acoustic guitars
• Screwed crank with metal axis
2,50 EUR
designer collection series
• length adjustable up to approx. 1,7 m
Broad: 50 mm
• Material: nylon
with secure leather ends
• Colour: ocher
15,50 EUR