Mensinger Preacher Blue Sparkle

This product is compatible with (for example):

• grip wizard series guitar picks
• sand grip
• 0,80 mm medium
• 6 pieces
• Colour: yellow
• made in japan
6,95 EUR
Mensinger ME6BN
• Electric guitar string set
• Nickel Round Wound
• Regular Gauge
• .010-.013-.017-.026-.036-.046
6,90 EUR
GHS Fast Fret
• textile pen soaked in maintenance oil and polishing cloth for cleaning the strings
• effectively removes dirt and dust
• extends the durability of the strings through corossion protection
• silicone free
• also suitable for cleaning the back of the neck and fingerboard
9,50 EUR
Dunlop Straplok Flush Mount
• Recessed socket construction
• Secure hold and a great freedom of movement
• Robust and durable
• Finish: nickel, black or gold
from 24,90 EUR