FretWraps Dimensions
FretWrap Black
FretWrap Weiß
FretWrap Red
FretWrap Orange
FretWrap Green
FretWrap Blue
Preview: FretWraps
Preview: FretWraps Dimensions
Preview: FretWrap Black
Preview: FretWrap Weiß
Preview: FretWrap Red
Preview: FretWrap Orange
Preview: FretWrap Green
Preview: FretWrap Blue

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• 17 mm mono potentiometer
• Drilling: 7 mm
• Knob: 6 mm
• 50 kOhms linear  
• For active electronics (bass, mid, treble)
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• 16 mm mono potentiometer
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• Knob: 6 mm and 4 mm
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Duo Six
• Five contrasting capacitance circuits in each of the four available EQ ranges
• Range:  .047 uF (blue cable), .022 uF (red cable)
• Compact polymer module
• 100% compatible with passive high-impedance pickup basses & guitars
• Hand-made in the U.S.A.
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